The benefits of multidiscplinary teams in helping participants.

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Multidisciplinary teams are able to understand problems and find solutions from different perspectives.

The more complex the needs of participants, the higher level of expertise required to solve these problems. First Gen has specialist NDIS clinicians from different backgrounds and experiences to ensure that the right solutions can be found.

First Gen has a fully stacked multidisplinary team consisting of nurses, psychologists, support workers, care coordinators, occupational therapist and consultant psychiatrist that collaborate to ensure the best outcomes for participants

Our Team Works

Each clinician have different strengths that when combined creates a team that achieve amazing outcomes.

  • Our team reviews referrals to ensure that we only take on clients who we know that we are able to help.

  • Our Consultant Psychiatrist ensures that participants who have complex needs associated with their mental health can have access to a specialist.

  • Our Nurses have experience of supporting participants who have secure residential needs and community needs.

  • Our Occupational Therapists ensures that participants activities of daily living are expertly and accurately assessed so that they can benefit from the right interventions.

  • Our Support Workers help participants to make the most of their support plans.

We are always happy to consult on complex cases. Call us for more information.

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