Empowerment and Recovery Model

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

First Gen clinicians and support staff support participants based on the principals of empowering participants to be their best selves on their Recovery Journey.

Empowerment is “the level of choice, influence and control that users of mental health services can exercise over events in their lives.” ( World Health Organisations) Empowerment can be developed by: being respectful and non-judgemental.

The leadership team at First Gen, ensures that all staff members are empowered to be their best and in turn be their best for their participants.

Empowering Staff begins at Recruitment

We only hire potential support staff and clinicians whose values fit with First Gen's. Therefore staff are empowered to speak to and contribute to support their participants. Using a participants centred approach ensures that participants recovery journey is fullfilled to the best of their abilities.

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